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This was unbelievably fun...I knew it would be, but it surpassed even my expectations. ;)

The lovely and creatively talented [livejournal.com profile] winterlillies was kind enough to shepherd me in my very first icon battle!

We both picked 15 images each and exchanged our images for a total of 30 images resulting in 30 icons. The first 15 images were chosen by me and the last 15 by her. (The gorgeous header is also by her!)

Click here to comment on her batch!

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So after what seems like Ye Very Longe Tyme, I've seen a movie in-theaters that didn't altogether suck, yet at the same time had a few serious flaws. Ridley Scott's most recent epic Robin Hood puts a very different spin on a story everyone grows up knowing by heart. I'll just give a brief recap and concentrate on mentioning the things that struck me, and throw in a few pictures for visual appeal (read: COSTUMES) and interest.

TONS of spoilers behind the cut! ;-)

''Ask me nicely.'' )

In closing, I certainly won't be buying this, but admittedly I'm super picky about what I buy. If I won't watch it fifty times over then it's not going to reside beside my Jane Austen DVDs. Having said that, I'm by no means sorry to have gone to see this, and as far as recommendations go, that depends on the person. If a little bit of schlocky historical fiction/romance novel plotting doesn't bother you, or if you enjoy exquisite cinematography, costumes, lovely music, and good acting, then give it a shot. At least there aren't any hoodies or jersey-knit dresses! ;-)


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