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I just watched this video of Hayley Westenra singing her (fabulous) rendition of Wuthering Heights. I already love the song (which is better than the novel IMO, LOL!), but I'd never seen the music video before tonight. It's pretty neat, and captures the atmosphere perfectly! Plus I want her earrings now, and that gorgeous black lace shawl....;-P

Behind the cut for politeness' sake! ;-)

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After recently renting Hayley Westenra's Live in New Zealand concert DVD, I am in awe of her magnificent talent! Not that I didn't appreciate her with Celtic Woman, but she really shines on her own. Her voice is a real treat for the ears.

Pokarekare Ana has to be, without a doubt, *the* most beautiful music video I have ever seen. It's so ethereal, so magical, with such a fairy-tale quality, and that's not even mentioning the song! (plus Hayley is very pretty herself!) ;-P

Watch the video if you haven't seen it already, and please excuse the YouTube quality (it's not of my making) but you at least can see what I'm talking about, and why I just *had* to icon it.

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In order to commemorate the release of her new album (haha) and to waste more of my time, I've made up a few Hayley icons. :-P

As usual, comment/credit if taking. ;-) Enjoy!

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I've been meaning to post this here for a week, but I've been somewhat busy. ;-)

For those of you who do not know, I am a mega Celtic Woman fan, (i.e. NUT) and that means that I now am a fan of Hayley Westenra as well. ;-) Her new album(s) was released earlier this month.

Here's the catch though -- the US version, which is about $13 at Amazon, has two songs from CW's A New Journey (which I already have) and it does NOT have like four songs that the UK version does. However, the UK version costs more than thirty bucks on Amazon, so alas! it's over to eBay we go. ;-)

You simply MUST listen to Summer Rain!! It's gorgeous.....

Sound clips:
Hayley's official site
Has an audio clip section at the left -- after one or two times it quits buffering, but if you're not dial up it might not act up.

US version on Amazon

UK/International version on Amazon
I wannie dis one!! *buybuybuy*

Gee, whaddaya know?? I just updated my blog without making an icon post...there's something for the record books...


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