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A very large and very random batch of Regency and Jane Austen themed icons from various icontests. Some of these are a bit old, since I haven't posted an icontest dump in quite a while. ;-) Nearly all of the Jane Austen adaptations are represented, some art and fashion plates of the period, and there is also a Pride & Prejudice journal header and a matching friends only banner.

As always, never alter my graphics, comment, credit, and enjoy!

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''The more I see of the world the more I am dissatisfied with it.'' )
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A batch of icons from the 1995 adaptation of Sense & Sensibility, with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet, which is another one of my favourite movies. :-) These are mostly of Elinor and Marianne, with a wallpaper, and a love banner with two variations.

As always, my icons are not bases, please credit/comment if taking, and enjoy!

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''Good morning, Fanny. How did you find the silver? Was it all genuine?'' )
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A miscellaneous batch of costume drama icons that I made for various icontests, including both versions of Pride & Prejudice (1995 and 2005), both versions of Sense & Sensibility, (1995 and 2008), both versions of Northanger Abbey, (1986 and 2006) as well as some from North & South, Emma, Becoming Jane, Amazing Grace, Lady Jane, and a few others. As always, please credit/comment if taking, and enjoy!

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When the light begins to fade, and shadows fall across the sea... )
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They don’t make them like this anymore. )

This is a portion of an article on LAF (Ladies Against Feminism) that I think is really sweet and beautiful. The lady who wrote it shares both an affinity for Austen and an appreciation for that dying breed, the good old-fashioned gentleman. This isn't another single girl's unhappy rant on how bad men are these days, there is actually an uplifting message for those of us who have yet to meet a Prince Charming, a message which I've copied in bold at the bottom in order to share it here.


"The first time I saw 'Sense and Sensibility,'"..."To a dramatic thing like me, it was a wonderful story. Love, loss, poetry, Regency dresses...what more could you ask for? And while all of the characters hold places in my memory, as any good story will do, there is one in particular who made an impression on me.

Was there ever such a gentleman as Alan Rickman’s personification of Col. Christopher Brandon? He is the sort of man who makes all of us singletons want to cry. Why don’t they make men like that anymore? How long has it been, we think, since a man could be considerate, kind, respectful, read books, and be at least somewhat handsome in one way or another? It’s enough to drive a girl insane."

"Who for a second would worry about introducing him to her parents? Even with the difference in age that most of us young ladies would be subject to, how long after dinner started would we still be worried about our parent’s opinion? Perhaps five or six minutes, at the most.

Whose heart doesn’t melt the first time Brandon sees Marianne, expression rapt and soft? Which one of us doesn’t need to pull out a fan during the poetry reading? And, let’s face it, every girl, at least privately, wants her own Regency gentleman, complete with boots, who will rescue her if she decides to go walking four miles in the rain."

Keep reading -- this is the best part!

"But in every story I know, true or fiction, that ended happily, the Knight in Shining Armor is rather fickle. He has a tendency to turn up when and where we least expect him. Don’t think that is has to be here, it has to be now. Don’t think that because you’ve been misled, you’ll never find a gentleman. Don’t think that dating everything male will bring you happiness. Slow down.

The only thing we can do is be certain we are ready. Be certain we have open and loving hearts. Be certain we are praying to God to guide our way. Be certain you don’t mistake friendship or attraction for lasting love. And be certain that we don’t get so wrapped up in wild goose chases that we don’t notice a good thing when it appears before us, rather like Marianne Dashwood."

Click here to read the entire article.
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More icons that have accumulated over the past couple of weeks, including some icontest entries as well as some that aren't. As usual, comment to let me know which one(s) you're taking, credit me, no stealing, and please upload the banners to your own accounts. ;-) Thanks!


Is there any felicity in the world superior to this? )
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I've entered in so many icontests and all the icons are cluttering up my harddrive. ;-) I thought I'd share them here, like the rest of my work. Treat them exactly as you would another of my icons: comment to let me know which one(s) you're taking, and credit me, please. ;-)

title or description+title or description+title or description

The rest are here! )


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