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This was unbelievably fun...I knew it would be, but it surpassed even my expectations. ;)

The lovely and creatively talented [livejournal.com profile] winterlillies was kind enough to shepherd me in my very first icon battle!

We both picked 15 images each and exchanged our images for a total of 30 images resulting in 30 icons. The first 15 images were chosen by me and the last 15 by her. (The gorgeous header is also by her!)

Click here to comment on her batch!

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Here is the final batch of Cranford, and my first attempt at making icons of Return to Cranford, all from promotional stills.

While of course most everyone and their mother (no joke!) loved Cranford, some disliked the sequel. I however found it to be an excellent follow-up that included some of Gaskell's original scenes that the first lacked (the humorous situations surrounding the "cage", for instance!), and the new editions were well done.

(Did anyone else notice Margaret's "train station dress" from N&S on the character of Erminia in several scenes?) ;-D Squee!

As always, never alter my graphics, comment, credit, and enjoy!

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I was stalling this batch because I'm not finished and I wanted to include some of the sequel, Return to Cranford, but due to this month's Wild Card theme over at [livejournal.com profile] costume_awards plans have changed a bit! ;-) I'll try to get a second Cranford post up soon, but in the meantime, here's my first batch of icons from this lovely series.

As always, never alter my graphics, comment, credit, and enjoy!

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I was bad and didn't write up a review for last week's RIDICULOUSLY SHORT installment of Cranford mainly because I couldn't come up with much to say about it. So I decided to lump it all together with episode three.

Warning: SPOILERS ABOUND as always!! ;-D (and I'm too tired so I'm probably rambling like a nitwit and mispelling words all over the place but oh well.)

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I've just returned from the first of three trips back in time to a little English village called Cranford. ;-) It was every bit as delightful as my great expecations expected it would be, and even succeeding them in some respects.

[Consider yourself warned....there are gazillions of spoilers.]

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cranford header

Title: Cranford
by: Elizabeth Gaskell
Genre: British Literature, Fiction, Classics

I have heard Cranford called Gaskell's most famous novel. I am not exactly sure why anyone would consider it so, unless it's because she wrote her stories about the rural village of Cranford in order to preserve the quaint country ways of life? According to the notes, Cranford is an alias for Gaskell's hometown of Knutsford, and most of the anecdotes and events related by various characters really happened, such as the cat eating the lace. That knowledge lends an extra element of interest to this heartwarming story with a home-y, cozy setting.

Naturally after reading North & South and Wives & Daughters I promptly put everything Gaskell wrote on my reading list, but I moved Cranford up to the top because it's a rule of mine to read the novels before I watch the movies. So, in anticipation of the impending airing in May of the Judi Dench mini-series, I ordered a copy from the library.

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