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A very large and very random batch of Regency and Jane Austen themed icons from various icontests. Some of these are a bit old, since I haven't posted an icontest dump in quite a while. ;-) Nearly all of the Jane Austen adaptations are represented, some art and fashion plates of the period, and there is also a Pride & Prejudice journal header and a matching friends only banner.

As always, never alter my graphics, comment, credit, and enjoy!

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''The more I see of the world the more I am dissatisfied with it.'' )
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Another batch of costume drama icons that I made for various icontests, including both versions of Pride & Prejudice (1995 and 2005), various other Jane Austen adaptations, as well as some from The Prestige and Daniel Deronda. There is a P&P Friends Only banner of Jane Bennet (Rosamund Pike) as well, for good measure. ;-)

As always, never alter my graphics, please credit/comment if taking, and enjoy!

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Have a care, Dawkins! )
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Another perennial favourite of mine is Wives & Daughters. I guess I've been in the mood for Gaskell lately, and it's easy to forget how good Molly and Roger go together this series is. ;-D

Twenty-two icons this time, mostly of Molly, a couple of Cynthia, Lady Harriet (who totally rocks, in my very humble opinion) and a few of Roger Hamley. I also made a wallpaper and matching friends only banner, with complimentary icons.

As always, my icons are not bases, please credit/comment if taking, and enjoy!

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Beetles? Why would anyone ever want to write a book about beetles, or read one?! )
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I couldn't help myself. ;-) Nineteen icons and three Friends Only banners of the wonderfully beautiful North & South starring Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe. I finished watching this again tonight, and I was reminded of why I love this movie so much. ;-)

As always, comment, credit, and enjoy!

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Reckon I'll leave my brains at 'ome, then. )
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A batch of Our Mutual Friend icons, mostly of John and Bella. I made one Friends Only banner as well. ;-) As always, please credit/comment if taking, and enjoy!

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Money, money, money, and what money can make of life. )
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Something different this time -- two Friends Only banners, both using my own screencaps from the 2005 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice. As with all my graphics, please comment/credit if taking, and above all, enjoy! :-)

Netherfield Park is let at last! )


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