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John William Waterhouse, has been one of my absolute favourite artists ever since I learned of his existence. He needs no preamble, and this time around I've gone for a much simpler approach, to better allow the beauty of the original works to do all the talking. ;)

I've preserved the title of the each painting in the URL and file names.

As always, never alter my graphics, comment, credit, and enjoy!

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''She has a lovely face, // God in His mercy lend her grace, // The Lady of Shalott.'' )
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It seems an age since I've posted any icons! I have a veritable army of them cluttering up my harddrive, so I plan on getting them up and posted before they all go to waste. ;-P

John William Waterhouse is one of my favourite artists, and I decided to do something a bit different with this batch, including both plain textless icons as well as fancier ones.

As always, never alter my graphics, comment, credit, and enjoy!

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it's a light that burns so bright // it guides you through the night // and leads you to me )
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Having recently become interested in making desktop wallpapers as well as icons, here is my first public attempt: John William Waterhouse's The Lady of Shalott. Fans of Anne of Green Gables will recognize the poetry. ;-)

I am half sick of shadows... )
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A batch of icons, including George Dunlop Leslie, Alfred Stevens, John William Waterhouse, and a few others. As always, please credit/comment if taking, and enjoy!

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Dance me into the night // Underneath the full moon shining so bright // Turning me into the light... )
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Only 5 icons this time, all of redheaded women painted by John William Waterhouse. As usual, please credit and comment, and don't steal or hotlink. Enjoy!

1. Ophelia
2. The Danades
3. Psyche entering Cupid's Garden
4. My Sweet Rose
5. Miranda and the Tempest

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Another batch of icons, and this time I have indulged my inner equestrienne. ;-) Most of these are horse-related, but I've thrown in a few random paintings of lovely ladies in pretty dresses. :-P

{~} 1-22 are photographs of horses, mostly Bob Langrish and horses-photos.org stock (hey, a pun!)
{~} 23-32 are from paintings by George Stubbs; right-click to see the names of the paintings.
{~} 33-43 are of various women in art, including some by Waterhouse, Edmund Blair Leighton, Lord Frederick Leighton, Vigee Le Brun, and Van Dyck. Again, right-click to see the URL's and names.

~ Comment/credit if taking (and please tell me which number you're using, since I've been experimenting with my styles and I'd like to know what you like)
~ No altering/stealing/hotlinking
~ Enjoy!


The rest are here! )


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