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Just a little something I've been working on (and have just finished, yay!), and thought you all might enjoy. :-)

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I spent a few evenings on drawing this, after Gerard's painting Madame Recamier. I sat with a fashion book from the library which had a picture of the painting in it, propping both the book and my sketchbook in my lap as I got cross-eyed drawing all those stinking folds! *lol*

I do think she turned out pretty well, even if I do say so myself. I certainly had a good time sketching her, and as always when I copy a painting, I have a new-found appreciation for all of the incredible detail Gerard put into her. And, I might add, Gerard's portrait was infinitely preferred to David's by both myself and Juliette Recamier herself. ;-)

You can view Gerard's original portrait here, and the full size version of my sketch (not just the header I made out of it) is behind the cut, because it's rather big. ;-) This header I just played with GIMP to color it a little.

madame recamier header

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More drawings! This time I did a couple of portraits of two Civil War Confederate generals. I am rather fond of both Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson and JEB Stuart, and since my brother is also a huge Civil War buff, and just happened to have magazines with good photographs of them on the covers, I decided to draw from them.

Warning! Fairly large images behind the cut.

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My second post of drawings that I've made. A small one this time, as I haven't had much time to draw recently, and that these were drawn after period fashion plates, out of library books, and I don't have any original images for comparisons. ;-)

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Here goes. :-\ I don't know how many/if any of you guys know I like to draw...but I thought I should publically humiliate myself by posting some of my dreadful scribblings here for the world to see. I regard these to be "not as bad as some" but not fantastic. ;-)

Mostly I draw women, (fully clothed!!) since I'm really more interested in drawing their clothes. ;-) A lot of what you're about to see was copied from paintings and/or fashion plates, and I do try to be as accurate (historical and otherwise) as possible.

title or description title or description
after Lady Anne Killigrew, Mrs. Kirke, c. 1638, by Van Dyck

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