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(In rereading this entry before posting, I realize it's a bit disjointed and hops all over the place...I apologize for that, but it's the way my brain seems to be functioning these days!)

A quick wrap-up of the past few weeks and days (I think I'm addicted to bullets):

  • First off, I'd like to thank [livejournal.com profile] princessjune and [livejournal.com profile] winterlillies for making me smile with their adorable LJ gifts! Thank you, ladies! ♥
  • Despite the bit of "negativism" that occurred a few weeks back that bade me request your prayers (and it is still on-going), things have been pretty good. I'm trying to trust that the prayers of our friends are working, and that things will right themselves (i.e., not worry/stress out).
  • It's saddening to see how slow LJ has become in recent months (years?). I miss all the activity and icons! :(
  • For whatever reason, I've been on a Emma kick. I'm not exactly sure what made me start fiddling with the screencaps again, but a month or so ago I started making a batch of icons, which put me in the mood to rewatch the Kate Beckinsale adaptation, which in turn led to a (yet another) reread of the book. I'd forgotten how peaceful and reassuring the world JA created there can be, and it's the perfect summer read; replete with strawberries.
  • Speaking of perfect for summer, I've joined the ranks as a convert and fan of She & Him. (This one I can blame on [livejournal.com profile] sakka!) ;D Their two albums will be joining the ranks of my "summer playlists" beside Leigh Nash, who was my summer soundtrack for last year.
  • Slow as always to the music front I may be, but does anyone else enjoy Colbie Caillat? I only discovered her because they play her a lot on the radio at work, and I found myself enjoying several of her songs. THIS song in particular is glued to the insides of my cranium. Tell me others have been beguiled by her embodiment of summer; soothing voice, romantic themes, and softly country-esque melodies?
So with summer in mind I have a couple questions for my friends and readers:
  • What books represent summer to you? It could be a book you read one summer and look back fondly on the experience, or a book that summarily describes what summer means to you.
  • What music embodies summer to you? Are there certain songs/albums/artists that make you feel "summer-y"?
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A quick thank-you to all of my readers and friends who have been praying for me, my family, and have taken the time and trouble to show their love in various ways (you know who you are! ♥ ♥ ♥)!

I've been working a lot of extra hours (picked up an entire 8-hour shift today), so that keeps me busy, but I just wanted to post a quick note of appreciation and gratitude to let you all know how much I appreciate your support.


Jun. 24th, 2011 02:44 pm
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Yesterday the game changed. The prayers of the many staved off the evil intentions of the few, at least for a while, and now we are in need of as much prayer as ever, especially my brother. He works so hard, and now he has to work even harder.

Yesterday, the Bible-verse-a-day emails I get delivered the verse below to my inbox. Obviously it didn't come with the graphic; I made that, but this has always been one of my favourite verses, and it's particularly appropriate right now.

If any of you kind souls could please pray for this situation we are now in to be removed, resolved, or repaired, I would be very grateful. Thank you!

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...to all of you who commented on my last entry, and have been praying for my family! So far, the darkness hasn't encroached upon us just yet--it's very possible that this disaster is just waiting until later to spring, or, that the many prayers of our friends have prevailed. This is my hope, however it's not over until we're out of the minefield, so to speak.

So, again, thank you to those kind souls and good friends who've taken the time to get on their knees for us, and please keep them coming! They're working! ♥
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...I find myself in the position requiring much prayer. At this moment, we need them; if things turn out the way we expect, we will need them even more. We've been through it before, and I know God will provide an open window if this door is slammed shut on our fingers, but I'd really rather not traverse this road again.

So if you are at all inclined, please remember my family in your prayers. Thank you! ♥

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Lately I haven't been in the mood for navel gazing, so I figure I'd better take advantage of a lark while I have it, and give a real life update. ;)

I'm sick (again), probably bronchitis since my coughs usually turn into that. I'm over-worked, under-paid, tired, tired of having to work so much, and tired of being tired. I've had to call out sick a number of times during these past two weeks thanks to my good old friend the nasty cough.

The only good thing about this is I've had some time to actually read for a change, and finally finished The Scarlet Pimpernel (which I was getting sick of seeing on my sidebar, heh). Not a bad book, but definitely better in the general concept than the execution. Lots of generalized descriptions and over-used phrases which I found highly annoying, most especially Orczy's habit of describing Chauvlin as "fox-like" and perpetually having him rub his "long, bony fingers together". Yes, we know he's the villain. No, I don't need to be reminded of it every other page.

Now I've embarked on David McCullough's 1776, which I had to abandon 66 pages in three years ago (stupid library renewal limits). Actually owning a copy entirely removes any pressure from having to finish it by a certain time frame, which is lovely. I'm already past my previous point of progress, and am once again reminded of how heroic our Founding Fathers were. The things they endured! We have much to be grateful for, and very large shoes to fill. In the case of George Washington, I know he's generally lauded, but goshhe's wonderful--I think they broke the mold after he was born.

I almost hate to say this, especially as it's my own fault, but I was hoping for just a teensy bit more of backstory on the beginnings of the war; how it came about, etc. Apparently 1776 is more of an appendix to John Adams, so perhaps the latter has more of the information I'm seeking? Do any of my readers know? It wasn't high up on my reading list, but if his biography also contains a "play-by-play" of the steps leading to war with Britain then it would automatically become more interesting. ;)

Going back over some of my previous book reviews, it's become apparent that I've written considerably less and less of them in recent months. Part of this is natural; I've read less, due to having to work. Another facet of that issue, is it takes me longer to get through a book, which in turn means that my impressions and remarks fade much more quickly. Short of stopping the actual reading process to take scrupulous notes (which I've done, but it's tedious and very disruptive), how do you all prepare for composing book reviews, if you write them?
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I can't go into details, but my family could really use some prayers right now. I know so many of you have come through for me before in regards to prayers and support so I'm asking for it again, please! Thank you all. :(
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If any of my readers and friends would feel inclined to pray for me, then I'm going to take he liberty of asking you to please do so--there's some "uncertainty" in my life right now that could easily turn negative if things don't work out. Honestly I don't even know *how* I want them to work out, but I've got a "rock and a hard place" in front of me right now and I need heavenly guidance. I don't know what to do.

Sorry I can't really say much more, but any prayers would be very much appreciated!!!

Thank you! :)
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Wow, a week flies by so fast when you're having fun working your behind off!! I've taken on more responsibilities at work (you could say it's a promotion of sorts, hehe), and I've been working 6 days a week, so that kills my spare time. I haven't read a book or sketched anything in WEEKS, which for me is abnormal.

Thank you all again so much for the prayers...both parties are much better, and I'm firmly convinced it's due to all the intercession. Thank you!!! ♥
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A couple teeny real life updates, and a more obvious one:

  • After what seems like a century, I've finally gone and changed my layout. I love my old one still, but it was time for a change, especially with everything in my life so different, I felt it was only fitting to have a fresh look on my LJ as well. ;-) A bright, clean look is what I was aiming for. It's a little summer-y, so we'll see how I feel when the end of the year rolls around. ;-)

  • This Sunday was such an odd day...it actually rained, which is not at all normal for this time of year. Rain is so delightful and I wasn't about to miss such a rare opportunity, so I promptly ran outside and stood in it. ;-P It was so much fun, and I can't remember the last time I took the time to freely embrace the rain rather than run from it, even loving it as I do.

  • I snagged a copy of Amanda Foreman's Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire biography for cheap at a used bookstore (imagine my glee upon beholding it!), so I've been perusing that of late. It's proving a fascinating read so far, and even in the first few chapters I've already learned enough to say that as miscast as I thought Keira Knightley was in The Duchess, apparently Ralph Fiennes was even moreso, since the Duke was only 9 years older than his wife, and not as dark or brooding as Fiennes. They need less grumpy and more languid...I'm thinking Simon Woods might have been a better choice, LOL!

  • Thanks to my brother's generous birthday gift, I've finally read Georgette Heyer! Sprig Muslin was something I'd started while waiting in a bookstore, and wanted to finish, so that made choosing one from her vast selection of Regency romances a lot easier! It was cute, and it's obvious why she's such a natural choice for Austen fans. ;-) Not as good as JA (but then again, who is?), but I'd like to keep reading more of her work.

  • Having fallen in love with Evelina last summer, Fanny Burney's Cecilia and Camilla have joined the ranks of literature on my shelves! Both volumes are, I might add, veritable DOORSTOPS, weighing in at approximately 1,000 pages each! I can't wait to start one but I confess I'm a bit intimidated since it's such a huge undertaking...

    Would anyone else be interested in possibly trying to start up another Group Read?

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Whew! I've missed you all! I'd intended to post an update several weeks back, but I've been without my computer for nearly three due to a nasty virus an no less than a dozen trojan horses (beware geeks bearing gifts?). Thank heaven for a kindly church-goer who just so happens to be a computer whiz, otherwise I would have lost all my files due to Windows having to be completely reinstalled! (You may imagine my distress...) I also owe a big huge THANK YOU to the incredibly kind souls who gifted LiveJournal upgrades and another paid account...you know who you are. Two words in the English language which are so simple and somehow never seem enough when you're saying them: thank you! *hugs*

In regards to my personal life, things are looking up, praise and thanks to God. We are fairly settled in our new residence (aside from boxes everywhere still, lol).

As far as graphics go, I've got quite a few as-yet-unpublished batches lurking here and there, so expect to see some art, costume drama, as well as some caped hero icons once again...*halo*

For those of you on my friends list, I've been trying to go back and catch up on all your happenings! If I've missed anything important (i.e. haven't commented on a crucial post) then please forgive me, and even feel free to let me know of something important in your life that's been overlooked on an increasingly crowded f-list.

And for what it's worth, routinely but especially whilst without contact to the outside world I regularly thought of, prayed for a good many, and missed you all! ;-D

Well I think that's all I have to say at present...*waves* Hopefully I'll get something accomplished in the virtual world and actually post something worth-while for a change!

ETA: I just knew I'd forget something as soon as I hit "submit" haha. I've seen a great many movies of late (having nothing else to DO without a computer, grrr...), including but not limited to Elizabeth: The Golden Age, The International, Children of Men (no pattern there, of course), Catherine The Great (borderline schlocky but GORGEOUS costumes and surprisingly accurate according to a biography of her that I'm in the middle of reading), Casablanca (upon both my brother's and [livejournal.com profile] ladyneferankh's suggestions), and also during my online hiatus I read books; some wonderful, some not so wonderful. I hope to write a brief review (really endorsement) of the former, and a scathing review of the latter which I fully intend to lace with snark and sarcasm ala my old ITV Jane Austen productions reviews...mwahahahahaaa!!! It's so good to be back!

I'm back!

Jan. 21st, 2010 08:14 pm
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Whew! I know I've done it before, but lemme tell you, going a week without any internet is not my idea of fun. Neither is moving, ha ha. However, we are moved, in the midst of a sea of boxes, and now hooked up to the internet once more. A "real" update will hopefully follow soon, and after that perhaps even an icon batch or two. (There's lots of time for graphic making, I've found, when one does not have the distraction of teh interwebz...)
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Kudos to anyone who catches the very slight reference made in my subject line. ;-)

This is just a small FYI to let everyone know that I'm going to be without computer access for about a week (hopefully no longer!!) and so will be unable to receive or reply to any messages, obviously. ;-) In the meantime, thank you to everyone who has commented recently (I have been reading and appreciating them, more than you know!) despite my being unable to spend all the time required to answer them.

Prayers are of course still much-needed and much-appreciated, and give yourselves all a hug from me until I return! ;-D


Aug. 7th, 2009 03:07 pm
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I'm afraid I'm having to go on hiatus for a bit. We're in the midst of a move and I can't keep up with everything; my f-list, my email correspondences, and you can forget graphic making. I may still pop in from time to time if I get a little bit of spare time every so often, but until further notice please don't expect much activity from me as this journal is officially going on hiatus.

My lovely co-mods will be covering for me at all of our icontests, but if you need to contact me about something important (non icon-related) my email address is listed in my LJ profile. I will still be checking that. ;-)

*waves goodbye to you all for now*


Jul. 15th, 2009 06:49 pm
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I'm back!

Going through my flist is proving quite a task, LOL, but I'm trying to catch up with you all!

Thank you for all of the kind messages sent in my absence. :-)
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I'll be out of town for this weekend and the early part of next week (this was previously planned and has nothing to do with my last entry), just to let everyone know. So don't expect much (if any) activity from me since I'm going to be away from my computer, and know that I'm not ignoring you, LOL. I'll take care of everything once I get back.

(Also I wanted to say something to everyone who replied to my last post...thank you so very, very much for your kindness, your concern, and your prayers. They are truly appreciated and it's very heartwarming to have so many people out there who care about you and are praying for you. ♥ )
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My family is currently going through what I shall only call "a difficult time" and I would please like to ask for the prayers of my friends, and understanding from everyone else if I neglect my online responsibilities in favour of dealing with those at home.

I'm not leaving LiveJournal, going on hiatus, or abandoning anything at present, but things might get a little overwhelming for me and I just thought it was fair to let everyone know. :-)

Again, I feel bad asking anyone for anything, but your prayers would be very much appreciated.
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Well, here I go cluttering up everyone's flist again, but I feel like yakking, so there. *nyah*

I finished reading The Last of the Mohicans last night! Gosh, I can't remember ever being so glad to be done with a book in my life. Now, to start Wuthering Heights as planned, or Georgette Heyer... ;-)

I feel better today, so hopefully that means I'm not getting sick. *points to crossed fingers* If I must get sick, it'd have to be delayed to Friday night, because it's just plain in convenient to get sick before then. ;-P

Last night was filled with strange dreams, about volcanic eruptions and getting chased on a motorcycle. (not at the same time - two separate dreams!) None of the cowboys or costume balls that I was hoping for, drat!

I think most of you know my feelings on the subject of our new president, but I've been doing some thinking the past few days. No matter what Obama's platform, politics, and policies, God is still in control. God allowed him to become president, and even what is intended for evil, He can turn for good, so I'm going to try and be less worried about stuff that I can't directly control. (i.e., pretty much nothing!) If God cares about a little sparrow that falls, and if he can take what Joseph's brothers did by selling him into slavery and turn that into something good, then he can certainly use someone like Obama.

I think that we should all pray for Obama and his cabinet, (in addition to our senators and representatives) - not that "Obama saves the world" or whatever, but that God uses Obama & Co. for what He deems fit.

"Moreover let us exult and triumph in our troubles and rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that pressure and affliction and hardship produce patience and unswerving endurance..." (Rom. 5:3)


Jan. 20th, 2009 01:27 am
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I hope I'm not getting sick. I've felt rather weird all day - you know that swimming feeling you get in your head if you stand up too quickly? I woke up with it today, and it hasn't gone away. I was hoping I could shake it, (read: denial) and that it would turn out to be nothing, but I'm not so sure. My dad complained of the same symptoms, so there goes my hopeful wish of it being just my imagination.. Sigh. Just what I need, to get sick...again. *facepalm*
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Well! *cue big sigh*

I posted this post about this time last night, where many of you poured out overwhelmingly swift comments of support and prayer, which I truly am grateful for! I haven't replied to each and every comment, but I read them all, and I can't thank you guys enough. ♥ ♥ ♥

In less than twenty-four hours since it began, everything has seemingly been resolved and fixed. Pretty amazing, huh? :-D I should say God is pretty amazing. But you guys are amazing, too, so to those of you who prayed for us, consider yourselves all hugged!! :-D Again, a huge thank you from me on behalf of myself and my family. Just knowing I had people out there praying for me, really warmed my heart, so, thank you. Thank you all, very much. :-)


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